Directors, Officers, and Committees

The general purpose of this club is to preserve and maintain Ford Mustangs of historical value and to serve as an accurate and technical source of information concerning Ford Mustangs for the benefit of its members as well as the general public.


Joe Pifko, Craig Cunningham, Debbie Anderson, David Gardner, Fred Reiner, Bill Rader,

Roger Lockie


President& Chief Judge - Craig Cunningham, Vice President - Jim Duthler, Secretary - Sharon Venezia, Treasurer - Joe Pifko, MCA Rep. - Debbie Anderson, Administrative Assistant - Debbie Anderson




Car Show Chair: Debbie Anderson.


Chief Judge   - Craig Cunningham, Assistant Chief Judge -


Club Apparel - Heidi Engleman


Ford Council Rep - Bill Rader


Entertainment   Roger Lockie


Membership - Debbie Anderson


Movie & TV Director - Bob Bennett


Magazine & Advertising - Craig Cunningham


Parade - Rick Samalot


Photographers  - Fred Reiner, Bill Rader.


Raffles - Marti Engleman


Social Chairperson - Jo Ann Cunningham


Website - Bill Martin (webmaster), Debbie Anderson (Editor-in-chief)


Project Angel - Tina Donikian


Publicity Chair - Fred Reiner


Social Media Manager - Christine Van Eyck


Sergeant At Arms - Ed Levitt & Charlie Donikian


Show Booth Coordinator - Linda Chesnutt


Social Media - Connor Warren